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Pokemon Jolteon Kigurumi Pajamas Onesie Adult Halloween Costume

Pokemon Jolteon Kigurumi Pajamas Onesie Adult Halloween Costume

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Pokemon Jolteon Kigurumi Pajamas Onesie Adult Halloween Costume

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Pokemon Jolteon

Jolteon’s body is yellow, with white and yellow spikes covering the neck and body. It has organs in its lungs that produce electricity.It sucks in negative ions from the air, and it also produces a lot of negative ions in the Spaces between its body hair, so it often makes a crackling sound. It uses static electricity between body hairs to enhance the tiny electrical currents sent out by cells, which together create thunder and deliver a powerful electric shock. It yells or gets angry at the slightest provocation, and stores electricity whenever its mood changes. When the electricity accumulates in the body, as long as the emotion is aroused, the hair on the body will start to become sharp, like a missile launched one by one. When it is angry or surprised, its entire body hair will stick up like a needle and Pierce its opponent. It can also shoot hair that stands up like a needle and use a 10,000 volt shock to kill an enemy when he is weak.

Product Name:

 Pokemon Jolteon Kigurumi  Pajamas Onesie Adult Halloween Costum


Made From Soft and Cozy 100% Polyester /Polar fleece/Flannel/Coral velvet


* No Fading, No Knotting. Very Soft and Comfortable.
* Cute and Warm.
* Comes with Elasticated Wrist and Ankle Cuffs.
* The Side Pockets Are Designed To Hold Your Phone and Wallet.
* Machine Wash At 30° and Allow To Hang Dry.


*S Fits Height 145CM-155CM (4'9″-5'1")

*M Fits Height 155CM-165CM (5'1″-5'5″)

*L Fits Height 165CM-175CM (5'5″-5'9")

*XL Fits Height 175CM-190CM (5'9″-6'4″)


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